Reusable Wash Mitts

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Reusable Wash Mitts

Reusable wash mitts. These mitts are made from off cut of fabric that are left over from making garments. In a bid to reduce waste at Magickind I have created these fun wash mitts. They have a colour stretchy fabric one side and a bamboo towelling on the other, making then super soft and super absorbent. The ideal replacements for wet wipes, cotton wool pads and even flannels that are sometimes abit on the bulky side for little hands.

They’re great for wiping grubby hands and faces, bottoms at nappy changes. Perfect for washing faces at morning routines and throwing in the bath. They're also super fabulous for removing makeup. You sould even use them for cleaning! 

At 2 for £5 they're a bargain. They will come as a lucky dip with whatevery fabric scraps I have at the time. If you'd like to know what fabrics are currently available drop me a message on instagram @magickind  and if you have a special request of fabric or would prefer all the same print please leave a note at checkout and I will do my upmost to accommodate where possible.


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